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Bio-degradable 200g expedition pouches here next week!

January 2021

Finally, after 2 years of sourcing, negotiating and lab testing we are finally proud to announce that we are launching our Biodegradable expedition pack range!

As part of Smoky Barrel Jerkys dedication to sustainability and our effort to help tackle climate change, we will no longer be using 200g plastic expedition packs from the 22nd of January. We believe this is a first in the UK for a Jerky producer! 

The new 200g expedition pouch resealable packaging will allow a 3 months shelf life from date of production and be 60% compostable. The remaining 40% (by weight) of the bag is made from polyethylene with a special additive designed to break down the plastic within five to 10 years, much faster than traditional plastic packaging items. For more information about the packs please read our page: "What is BioTre compostable packaging?"


We will still hold stock of Plastic packaging, however, it will only be available on request for occasions when the Jerky is required to have a longer than 3 month shelf life, such as expeditions. 

We have partnered up with Pacific bag Inc. and Weber packaging to introduce Biotre™ compostable bags to our 200g expedition pouch range, removing our previously unrecyclable plastic packing from our shop. These pouches represent the latest innovation in packaging sustainability and we are extremely proud to include Biotre™ in our effort to tackle our impact on climate change. 

A Jerky pack or pouch is more than just a way of distributing our Jerky or an aesthetic representation of the Smoky Barrel brand. It is a message to our customers that we take our environmental impact seriously and continuously looks for ways in which we can minimise this as much as possible. 

While one Jerky pouch doesn't seem like much waste, as Smoky Barrel Jerky grows we want to make sure we are doing everything in our power to minimise our impact on the environment and packaging is an easy area in which we can target this goal. 

With ethically sourced beef, biodegradable packaging, paper labels and recyclable envelopes and parcels/packing material, we now believe we are leading the way in the Jerky industry when it comes to sustainability.”

October 2020

You may (or not!) know that our mission statement is “High protein, ethically produced, barrel smoked Scotch beef Jerky”

As well as sourcing ethically farmed prime Scotch beef we are always looking for new ways to develop better ethical working practices. Our dedication to sustainability has now taken a new step by working with  Pacificbag (US) and weber packaging (Germany) and including biotre™ compostable pouches to our full 200g expedition range. There are currently no smaller packs to use for our 50g range unfortunately. These pouches represent the latest innovation in food packaging sustainability and we are extremely proud to include biotre™ in our effort to tackle climate change. 

While one Jerky bag doesn't seem like much waste, as Smoky Barrel grows we want to make sure we are doing everything in our power to minimise our impact on the environment and packaging is an easy area in which we can target this goal.

We are now impatiently awaiting the arrival of these 60% Bio-degradable, 40% reusable pouches which have been under live laboratory testing with our Jerky since the start of the year. Due to the nature of the packaging, the Jerky will have a shelf-life of 3 months from production, not 12, however, we feel this is a sacrifice worth making. For longer expeditions we will still hold a limited stock of plastic 200g pouches until these run out.

We expect to be able to offer the new expedition packs by the end of November!


 February 2019

Here at Smoky Barrel Jerky we are constantly looking at ways to be more environmentally friendly. As you know, we already use our upcycled 108 gallon ex Sherry casks to hot smoke our Jerky, not using electricity in this process, just wood and charcoal. 

Our current Jerky packaging is manufactured using highly laminated plastic, which provides an excellent barrier, preventing pathogens and the growth of other undesirables. With its oxygen absorber added, it is perfect for our purposes, allowing a year’s shelf life. 

The only downside and our biggest challenge is that this packaging, due to its nature is not recyclable and we are changing this. We have spent the last 6 months researching alternatives and discussing the matter with manufacturers of compostable/recyclable packaging from all over the globe including the U.S, India and Israel.


Some companies do not want to deal with us as the current quantities we require while growing as a micro-business fall vastly short of their minimum order requirement. This is frustrating but is the way it is. Some of the packaging is only Oxo-degradable which contributes to soil and marine micro-plastic pollution so is not an option.

We are at this moment in time looking at a solution from Germany which provides packaging that is part fully compostable and part recyclable without any Oxo-degradable by-products. The only issue with these are that the packaging itself due to being part compostable will have its own shelf life meaning we will not be able to stock vast quantities, however the company is on board with this.

To cut a long story short, over the next few months we will hopefully start using this new packaging however it will mean a reduced shelf-life of Jerky from 1 year down to between 3-6 months which is still reasonable and most importantly ethical and sustainable as we grow as a business claiming to produce ethically produced artisan beef jerky!

 We are also looking at selling branded masonry jars, after a trial run which can be stocked with our upcoming jerky sticks, sent in fully compostable bags. We think this is a great all solution. 

How would you feel about having environmentally friendly packaging but a reduced shelf life on your Jerky? Would you be interested in a Smoky Barrel Jerky Mason Jar in your house full of Jerky sticks?

It would be great to hear peoples thoughts!


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