Welcome to Smoky barrel jerky!

New Logo and Smokehouse move

Well we can finally say that our move to the new Smokehouse is complete including our re-branding to “Smoky Barrel Jerky” which has taken a while. When we first launched “The Nithsdale Smokehouse” (which represents the name of the area we live in) we were focused on primarily producing our Jerky but also smoked hams, Venison, fish, cheese and nuts. 

Our trading name will still be “The Nithsdale Smokehouse” but all branding and the product will purely be “Smoky Barrel Jerky” to reflect our obsession :) We will still be keeping our Facebook page as Nithsdale Smokehouse as we have been unable to change it and have too many posts and followers to start a new one from scratch :)

Since then we have realized that as a micro business we would be stretching ourselves too thin and have decided to focus entirely on our main passion, Jerky, (although we do still produce the others in smaller quantities for special events).

We are really grateful for the support we have had along the way.

It has been an exciting journey to this point and along the way we have had the opportunity to meet a lot of fantastic people. We have also been able to sponsor charitable events such a smiles for Arran trust calendar, and supporting a John of groats to Lands end walk for Cancer research.

We have also been a finalist in the Scottish Rural awards and been in a main feature of the National newspaper, so we can’t wait to see what the future will bring!


Even though our barrel smokers are very resilient, having them outdoors was never a long term plan due to the elements and restrictions on use. Now, in our new smokehouse, not only do we have a roof, but power, lighting and water! So we can pretty much smoke whatever the weather or time of day! It is important for us to retain our artisan methods of production while ensuring we can meet demand for our Jerky.

Long term we would really like to move everything under one roof; prep area, storage, packing and smoking, but as they say Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The support from all of our Jerky Community including friends and customers has been fantastic, so a big thanks, and please do keep sending in your comments, we have just started a Smoky Barrel chat Group on Facebook so feel free to to exchange ideas, events and raise questions related to BBQ, curing and smoking (food only!) We would also love to hear all about any outdoor activities or experiences and events you are planning.


Thanks again and do get in touch :)