Welcome to Smoky barrel jerky!

Smoky Barrel price increases as of 04/05/21

Due to market conditions, our beef suppliers have had to increase the price of their beef by £ 0.40 per Kg. This is the first increase in 6 months. Unfortunately we do have to pass these costs on to the customer and will be doing so starting tommorow, the 04/05/21.

We appreciate our Jerky is already at the higher end of the price range, and are concerned about this regarding sales, but we have no choice. We hope our loyal customers will continue to support us, and we in turn will continue to produce the best jerky we can, ethically and sustainably, using the best beef, only using salt as a preservative, real ingredient flavours, not flavourings, and most of all real wood smoke, not liquid chemical smoke/ powdered smoke flavourings!

Thanks for your continued support, taste the outdoors! 

Tricky news that we have been putting off for as long as possible is our price increases across our Jerky range. We have not increased our prices for around a year and a half, unfortunately most of our suppliers have, including packaging, labelling and ingredients. Our new prices reflect the increase across the board, leaving us with the same margins as before.

We realise that times are tough for most people at the moment but we have no other choice than to make the increase or be left behind.

The biggest price increase is in the supply of Scotch Beef which has increased quite dramatically over the last few months. As many of you will know, we have recently moved to Cumbria for family reasons but continue to only use prime Scotch Beef from our ethical farmer in Scotland. 

To reduce costs we will be posting orders second class with the choice at checkout to leave a message if you wish to have your Jerky faster.

We hope the new increases and changes do not turn any of our many, many loyal Jerky friends away from us in these tricky times, but our choices were basically to increase prices or smoke in our Barrels for the last time!