About our Jerky


What we do

    • We are focused being as ethical and sustainable as possible in all of our procedures. This starts with offering the best beef to our outdoor Jerky community. We only use ethically and welfare friendly sourced prime beef that is reared and processed at farms within a 25 mile radius caring environment resulting in low food miles and a low carbon footprint.
    • We cook in upcycled end of life Whisky barrels with renewable and sustainable wood as a heat source, not electric dehydrators. We are currently working with a supplier to have the first 100% compostable jerky packs in the UK.
    • Our beef Jerky is produced by hand in small batches, from slicing, marinating, hot-smoking, packing and finally labelling which allows close monitoring and ensures high quality control, our flavours include Original Jerky, Peppered Jerky, Tex-Mex Jerky, our most natural Jerky –Trail, and Whisky jerky of course!

    Smoked foods and your health

    • There is much disinformation about the carcinogenic content of smoked foods, however research conducted by the CSL Food Science Laboratory in Aberdeen, revealed that the wood burning process produced a complex group of compounds known collectively as PNEHs.
    • These compounds are also naturally occurring and found in natural fossil fuels, fruits and vegetables. In fact it was found that the PNEHs levels in lettuce and asparagus are higher than in smoked foods.
    Smoky Barrel Jerky nutritional information
    (Latest analysis completed at Ashwood Laboratories Galashiels 26/06/19)
     Nutritional facts Per 100g RM/RI* Per 50g RM/RI*
    Energy 1146Kj 573Kj
    271kcal 13% 135kcal 6.5%
    Fat 3.7g 5.9% 1.85g 2.9%
    Of which saturates 1.4g 7% 0.7g 3.5%
    Carbohydrate 8.0g 3% 4.0g 1.5%
    Total sugars 8.0g 26% 4.0g 13%
    Protein 51.4g 100% 25.7g 50%
    Salt 7.1g 110% 3.5g 55%

    *Recommended daily reference intake

        What is Jerky?

    • Jerky is dried, high protein, low fat meat, usually beef, which rehydrates in the mouth, releasing its stored flavours and has a long ambient temperature shelf life. Making it the perfect choice for taking on outdoor activities, training or for use in the kitchen.
    • Mankind will have discovered many years ago that meat cooked and smoked over a fire tasted better and lasted longer. The first records of dried preserved meat however were found in tombs in Egypt.
    • The Incas had been producing a dried meat in the Andes Mountain range since around 1500 and most probably used Llama and Alpaca meat! They called it “Ch’arki” which comes from the Quechua language native to South America and means “dried meat".
    • English speaking people heard this word and changed it to a word that was easier for them to pronounce, and “Ch’arki" became “Jerky".
    • Since then Pioneers and Cowboys in the USA made Jerky an ideal trail food. These days now due to its long shelf life at ambient temperatures and high protein content many body builders, outdoors enthusiasts as well as Professional Chefs and home cooks are enjoying the benefits of Jerky.

             How could our Scottish Beef Jerky benefit you?


        • Beef is the number 3 food source of iron behind fortified cereal and grains
        • A 3-ounce serving of lean beef is an excellent source of Protein, Zinc, Phosphorous, Iron and B-Complex Vitamins. Protein helps build a strong and muscular body. Zinc helps create a healthy immune system and heal wounds. Phosphorous is necessary for strong teeth and bones. Iron helps carry oxygen in the blood to all cells and muscles to prevent fatigue.


        Outdoor pursuits and sports:

        • Pack some of our 200g resealable "expedition" jerky pouches in your backpack or pocket and take them with you on the go anywhere. Its tough waterproof packaging and ambient long shelf life make it the perfect lightweight choice for the great outdoors, whether exercising, walking, driving cycling, golfing, mountain biking, fishing,  hill walking, camping, kayaking, climbing or skiing you'll always have a protein boost snack to hand!
        • For people watching their weight, it is an ideal choice as part of a calorie controlled diet, also paleo and keto diets. Perfect to keep on top of your protein intake. With a gluten/barley free option, it is a healthy, nutritious, low fat and delicious tasty alternative to crisps or sugary, carbohydrate heavy or fatty snack, or at any time of the day.
        Home and kitchen:
        • Keep some in your kitchen cupboard to simply enjoy a pack with your favourite tipple with friends or watching TV! Adds real smoky and savoury flavours when chopped up and added to many dishes such as soups, stews, Jacket potatoes salads and pasta dishes. Check out our recipes here