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Whisky Barrel BBQ Smokers

Why a Whisky barrel smoker?

I have always enjoyed Barbecuing and smoking food, especially my own fish that I have caught. There is something deeply satisfying about cooking your own food outside.​

The flavours you can achieve in meat, poultry, fish, cheese or even nuts through the correct smoking cycle and choice of woods are unbeatable.Sitting outside on your own or with friends and family enjoying a drink while managing the perfect BBQ or smoke is an addictive experience in itself as well.​​

The closest I have come to finding my perfect BBQ smoker over the years has been the metal barrel type ones which allow you to BBQ and smoke. The downside to these has been rusting, blowing over in strong winds if kept outside and the many nuts and bolts failing if not constantly maintained. (As well as the fact they look just like your neighbours).​

Unhappy with this and not settling for second best, I set off in obsessive pursuit of my ultimate BBQ smoker, built for my needs.

It had to be solid, pretty much bombproof, not catch fire (oak does not auto-ignite until around 400C) look stunning, and definitely be different to any others on the market. Primarily, the objective was to allow me to BBQ and hot or cold smoke a variety of amazing food.

Inspired by my travels and working for an independent Whisky bottler who generously allowed me as many end of life casks that I needed to work with (thank you David!), I started to build and experiment with a variety of designs. Over a year later I stood in the workshop in front of our Hogshead BBQ smoker!​

Where do the casks start their journey?

Each one is crafted at the Cooperage, travelling on to a Scottish Distillery to be laid down to rest with its Whisky contents and other casks for company until the time is right to bottle.

At the end of their useful life for adding flavour and colour to Whisky, we select the ones we wish to have and breathe new life into them in our small workshop, Using high quality parts and materials to transform them over a period of up to two weeks, thus continuing their life and building on their by now legendary journey!​

What comes with my BBQ smoker?

They feature a 21 inch grill, combined fire and ash pan, analogue cooking thermometer, intake vents, lid handles and latches, optional castor wheels for patios, bottle opener and carry handles, and depending on your choice, a stovepipe and cowl for the smoker unit as well as an 8 hour cold smoke generator. If you have any issues with your smoker over the first few years we are on hand for advice and repairs.

We craft them to your individual needs, whether a straightforward BBQ or more advanced BBQ smoker, including options such as wheels for patios and carry handles.

To guide you on your BBQ and smoking journey it is supplied with a smoking guide with recipes, maintenance and smoking tips, wood dust and chips to get started. 

Our latest happy Customer taking delivery in September!

What’s really different about owning one of our BBQ smoker compared to one you buy in the shops?

Aesthetic differences aside, the time, pride and quality control I put into the Smokers results in a stunning, unique, personalised and eye catching centre piece for your outdoor area. (In my opinion!) I create each one as if I was making it for myself.

Its weight, design and multiple layers of oil and varnish allow it to withstand the worst of British weathers, giving you a legendary BBQ smoker that with the right care will last you a lifetime.

As you smoke, the flavours will adhere to the inside, building up an amazing wood and food aroma which I think adds to the final cooked product.

Let your new BBQ and smoking adventure begin!

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding options, price and delivery. (Or anything related to BBQ and smoking really.)