“I took some Smoky Barrel Jerky with me during an expedition to climb Mount Everest. It was a delicious addition to my expedition snacks and helped to keep me fuelled all the way to the summit and back” Scott Webster – WMCI Mountain Guide and IPGA polar guide

Our new rubs and seasonings range

We have finally launched our range of rubs and seasonings!

Our rubs and seasonings are the results of years of carefully blending and balancing a variety of herbs and spices.When mixed with Worcestershire Sauce are the foundation of our award winning beef jerky and other dishes here at the Smoky barrel.

Rubs and seasonings can be used in any situation: Making planned meals at home, professional kitchens, BBQ events, street food catering or just to experiment with in any dishes. A real flavour enhancer, we wanted to create something that could be used day to day on foods of your choice, not just for barbecuing or special occasions. Check out our recipes for inspiration!

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