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"What's the beef?!" What makes Smoky barrel jerky different from other Jerky? 

Smoky Barrel Jerky is lovingly produced using prime cuts of Scotch Beef Silverside from animals that are grass fed and reared in a peaceful and caring environment. The family owned and run farm in the Scottish borders has its own abattoir. This means the process is more ethical, resulting in lower stress for the animals, food miles as well as a reduced carbon footprint. 

We start by hand washing, trimming and then slicing the beef. Depending on the flavour we then marinade the strips with the best quality ingredients and spices for 48 hours. Then comes the racking and air drying for 24 hours before finally being taken to our 108 gallon ex Sherry cask barrel smokers.

Using charcoal from sustainable sources, the racks of beef are then traditionally hot smoked with smouldering Whisky Oak chips and dust for up to 12 hours. This results in Jerky that is succulent, delicious, comforting and packed with healthy energy-boosting protein. In fact our Scotch Beef jerky contains 51.4g of protein per 100g of Jerky, that's 28% more than the main large commercial brands available in the UK.

Unlike the large commercial Jerky manufacturers who often using globally sourced beef, our artisan processes are radically different. We do not use electric dehydrators, chemical/liquid smoke, Soy, dairy, MSG’s, artificial preservatives (nitrates) or additives.

Your jerky is packed into either 50g snack packs with a 12 month ambient shelf life or our 200g tough resealable biodegradeable bulk expedition pouches with a 3 month ambient shelf life from production. (If a 12 month shelf life is required we can provide this on request but using plastic). We think this makes Smoky Barrel Jerky the choice for protein and flavour when planning your activity. It is the perfect healthy alternative to fatty snacks or for adding protein to the campfire pot after a great day outdoors. If you enjoy cooking, why not check out our Jerky Recipes for inspiration?

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We promise to provide the highest quality, ready to eat, ethical and sustainable prime Scottish Beef Jerky that we can.  Read all about us if you wish to learn more about our journey!

We would love to share your adventures and activities here on the site and our other platforms; Contact us and tell us all about them.

Taste the outdoors...

We know from experience how important it is to choose the right food to take with you on your outdoor activities and expeditions.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do here at Smoky Barrel Jerky. 

We strive to support all your activities and adventures with great high protein jerky and want you to be able to rely on, and enjoy it. This will allow you to focus on the day; maintaining your energy and motivation to complete an activity and enjoy it in any environment.

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