“I took some Smoky Barrel Jerky with me during an expedition to climb Mount Everest. It was a delicious addition to my expedition snacks and helped to keep me fuelled all the way to the summit and back” Scott Webster – WMCI Mountain Guide and IPGA polar guide

Smoky Barrel Jerky

Award winning, hand crafted, ethically and sustainably produced, barrel smoked beef jerky, rubs and seasonings, now with 30% less salt...

As eaten on Everest! Taste the outdoors...

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Fantastic jerky
I discovered this jerky last year and honestly, it
is one of my favourite things. My partner and I have started getting the 5 bag
pack because we decided we need it in bulk, and will gleefully demolish all of
them. We take it on walking expeditions (which it's just perfect for), we have
it as a film night snack, we gnaw on it whenever we need a boost during the
day. I have literally rushed home from work for this jerky! When we have none
left, we are sad. It's a great value, great quality, delicious product from an
ethical, sustainable (and friendly!) company. I love it.
Fran on Jan 04, 2024
Amazing Stuff
I tried several brands of Jerky before seeing a
programme of TV about this brand and thought worth a try and have been hooked
since no other jerky comes close.
Matthew on Jun 13, 2023
Top quality products
Stunning jerky, great taste, great texture,
probably the best about!
Richard C on Jun 09, 2023
Really nicely flavoured. Not too salty, and a good chew! I'm gluten intolerant and also on a low fodmap diet so it's fabulous I
can enjoy jerky without all the additional ingredients which would exclude me
being able to eat jerky. I bought 2 other flavours for my other half and he
really enjoyed them but said he preferred mine so after finishing our packets
we've now ordered more, but just this flavour. Simple and effective. Great
work! Thanks :)
Kim on Apr 24, 2023
Incredible jerky
Just delicious, the best jerky I've ever had -
blows the supermarket stuff completely out of the water. Really friendly
service too, and great packaging to boot. Would give 6 stars if that was an
Omid on Jan 18, 2023
Amazing Flavour!
Got a bag of whisky flavour as a gift. After
basically inhaling the bag, I had to come straight to the website to see what
else they have to offer! I will be buying all the other flavours to try I can
assure you.

Great job guys, easily the best jerky I have ever had.
Liam on Dec 29, 2022
Fantastic jerky
Have tried each of the flavours available, all were great, though the favourite in the house has been the original and the trail. I
would recommend these without reservation to anyone who has a taste for good
Rob on Sep 26, 2022
Absolutely amazing
I was absolutely delighted. Tastes superb.
John B. on Sep 05, 2022

Can not wait to buy more so happy with my order thank you so much for doing amazing job and making something great and special 💖

Tera leader - Jan 10 2024

Welcome to smoky barrel jerky!

We are all conscious about living healthy and active lifestyles, but making the right choices can be challenging in our fast-paced and busy day to day lives. It can be difficult striking the balance of convenience, environmental concerns and nutrition whilst taking the time to choose. It is important to select only the best snacks to keep the energy going when outward bound, or relaxing with friends and family. 

Here at Smoky barrel jerky we produce small batch, hand-crafted, high-quality delicious jerky for when hunger strikes. Our jerky is convenient and filling, but also a healthy low fat, high protein, packed with taste alternative to fast foods, crisps, chocolate and some would say "health" bars full of sugar!  Read our full journey here...

Feeling frustrated about the amount of environmentally unfriendly
plastics and packaging from your snack? As a small producer it has been a real challenge to source, however we are proud to state that we are one of the few, if not the only jerky producers in the UK that uses only Bio-degradable, compostable/recyclable packaging across our range of jerky, rubs and seasonings

You can be sure that our beef is ethically sourced from a local butcher, reducing road miles, not imported from overseas. Our wood and dust come from local woodyards and charcoal from sustainably managed British forests. Choosing us for your jerky ensures you will be supporting local farms and businesses. 

Unlike the majority of other meat-based snacks producers we do not use any nitrates/nitrites, additives, artificial colourings, MSG or chemical smoke flavourings; simply local beef, salt, natural ingredients and
aromatic wood smoke. 

Smoky barrel jerky has been producing your handcrafted
small batch jerky for over 6 years. During this time, we have come far, always listening and acting on feedback and improving. Our great taste award coupled with our 5-star food hygiene rating as well as our reviews, assures you that you are buying jerky, rubs and seasonings from a small British producer you can trust.

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All about us

We promise to provide the highest quality, ready to eat, ethical and sustainably produced prime beef Jerky, rubs and seasonings that we can. Read our "Jerky journey" below if you simply have to know more!

Our Jerky journey!

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