“I took some Smoky Barrel Jerky with me during an expedition to climb Mount Everest. It was a delicious addition to my expedition snacks and helped to keep me fuelled all the way to the summit and back” Scott Webster – WMCI Mountain Guide and IPGA polar guide

Jerky health benefits

Why should you choose smoky barrel jerky?
  • Our beef jerky contains 51.4g of protein per 100g of Jerky, that's 28% more than the main large commercial brands available in the UK.
  • Beef is the number 3 food source of iron behind fortified cereal and grains
  • A 3-ounce serving of lean beef is an excellent source of Protein, Zinc, Phosphorous, Iron and B-Complex Vitamins. Protein helps build a strong and muscular body. Zinc helps create a healthy immune system and heal wounds. Phosphorous is necessary for strong teeth and bones. Iron helps carry oxygen in the blood to all cells and muscles to prevent fatigue.

Smoky Barrel Jerky nutritional information
(Latest analysis completed at Ashwood Laboratories Galashiels 26/06/19)
 Nutritional facts Per 100g RM/RI* Per 50g RM/RI*
Energy 1146Kj 573Kj
271kcal 13% 135kcal 6.5%
Fat 3.7g 5.9% 1.85g 2.9%
Of which saturates 1.4g 7% 0.7g 3.5%
Carbohydrate 8.0g 3% 4.0g 1.5%
Total sugars 8.0g 26% 4.0g 13%
Protein 51.4g 100% 25.7g 50%
Salt 7.1g 110% 3.5g 55%

*Recommended daily reference intake


    Smoked foods and your health

  • There is much disinformation about the carcinogenic content of smoked foods, however research conducted by the CSL Food Science Laboratory in Aberdeen, revealed that the wood burning process produced a complex group of compounds known collectively as PNEHs.
  • These compounds are also naturally occurring and found in natural fossil fuels, fruits and vegetables. In fact it was found that the PNEHs levels in lettuce and asparagus are higher than in smoked foods.