“I took some Smoky Barrel Jerky with me during an expedition to climb Mount Everest. It was a delicious addition to my expedition snacks and helped to keep me fuelled all the way to the summit and back” Scott Webster – WMCI Mountain Guide and IPGA polar guide

Ethical and sustainable...

Our goals have always been to be as ethical and sustainable in all our actions as a business.

We only use ethically and welfare friendly sourced prime beef that is reared and processed at farms within a 25 mile radius caring environment resulting in low food miles and a low carbon footprint. We cook in upcycled end of life Whisky barrels not electric dehydrators.  

We use fully compostable/recyclable/biodegradable packaging across our range of jerky and rubs and seasonings

Our packaging suppliers lead the way in sustainable packaging development focusing on compost ability which led us to introduce the technology across our entire 50g and 200g expedition pouch range to align with our sustainable goals as a business. 

It contains a specialist biodegradable film, including extensive composting and cupping tests to verify that the film effectively protects sensitive products like Jerky. We have carried out independent Laboratory tests resulting in satisfactory barrier tests with a 3 month Best before date.

It is composed of 60% (by weight) biodegradable materials made from renewable resources such as the wood pulp used in the craft paper. Based on extensive tests pacific bag inc have made, biodegradation will take an average of just several months in a home compost area.

The remaining 40% (by weight) of the bag is made from polyethylene with a special additive designed to break down the plastic within five to 10 years, Much faster than traditional plastic packaging items.

Our wood and dust come from local woodyards and our charcoal from sustainably managed British forests. We think our processes are more ethical, resulting in lower stress for the animals, food miles, supporting local as well as a reduced carbon footprint. All of our packaging is biodegradable/recyclable.